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  • Platinum offers

    Westlife Platinum is changing! From now the site is not just restricted to residents of the UK and Ireland. Westlife fans from all over the world can now sign up to the site. Not only that but we've made it cheaper for all Westlife fans to get onto the site. You can now join the site for for only £1.99 for 1 month's membership. This offer is also open to fans regardless of which country they are from. The annual membership of £14.99 is still available.
  • Westlife join the scholars

    We already know Westlife are the smartest bunch of guys around, but now even Oxford University agree! According to a report in The Sun newspaper today, Shane, Nicky, Bryan, Mark and Kian will be appearing at the Oxford Union, as guests of their debating society.

    The fivesome will be quizzed by university members on what it's like being in the greatest pop group ever! It's not the first time music stars have appeared at the Oxford Union - Michael Jackson and Jon Bon Jovi have been guests in the past, too.

    It just goes to show what massive, lovely stars Westlife are!
  • Bop Bop Video

    The amazing video for Bop Bop Baby is now online. If you haven't seen the video you can check it out in the Fun Stuff section in the video clips area. Make sure you scroll right down the list as its at the bottom! Enjoy it!
  • Our Fruity Fellas!

    Westlife announced that they use the same plum potion as pint-sized popstar, Kylie. During the current 'World Of Our Own' tour, Bryan suffered from a sore throat. He had a dose of the wonder plums and was back on stage with the fruity five the very next day!
  • Westlife score at match

    Westlife know how to treat a lady - they took their girlfriends out together to watch a football match at the weekend.

    Kian, Shane and Nicky are pictured in today's papers sitting with their dates at Saturday's Newcastle United game. So instead of treating the girls to an evening of candlelight, wine and roses - they went for a triple date to the footie.

    And the tabloids are already busy trying to find out who Kian took to the ballgame because he's supposed to be a single guy...
  • Tour Gossip - Belfast

    The Belfast concerts have been a tremendous success! Fireworks, glitter and five gorgeous guys... what more could you ask for!

    Westlife sang their famous tracks, old and new, and a mixture of tracks by other bands. 9,500 fans sang along and loved every minute, especially because their boys were back home, where they belong.

    What a concert! Westlife rule!
  • Double Whammy!

    It was bad enough that our blonde bombshell Kian could have injured himself while performing, but on the same day, one of his crew crashed into his prized Porsche! But against all odds, the show went on and it was a spectacular one at that!
  • Careful Kian!

    Well it wasn't a case of home sweet home for the guys this week - Kian could have injured himself while doing Westlife's first show in Belfast.

    The concert begins with the guys in a World Of Their Own - hanging globes that the guys have to jump out of. Kian realised that his rope wasn't tight, so he didn't jump. Lucky for us, because if he'd let go, he'd have fallen 50 feet!

    We know you're an angel Kian, but please don't try 'Flying Without Wings'!
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